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Mar. 7th, 2014

Cute Loki

Where have I been? ... Your guess is as good as mine.

So, I've kinda been in a slump both for writing and life in general. Depression is a real bitch.

This new diet I have been forced into trying (my mother decided to go on it and thus I got landed with it) seems to be helping though. My mood at least seems to fluctuate up more than down lately. Plus I have a new computer coming in the mail, which will be nice since my laptop has been screwed for a long while now... My relationship with my grandmother has smoothed out beyond belief with her living elsewhere and her thyroid being fixed and my aunt hasn't forced herself into our lives since.

Now if I can just find myself a nice part time job and get some of these many many scholarships I have to apply for so I can go back to school in the fall, or better yet this summer, I will be so damn elated.

Also for those of you wondering why i am never on yahoo... That will change when my computer gets here. Shitty thing keeps freezing up on my ancient desktop and my ipad. Shipped yesterday so hopefully it will be here soon!

As for my fics:

The Slow Demise of Dolores Umbridge

I actually have had the next chapter of this finished for about two weeks now, but revising it has been the issue. Getting the energy to reread all of it again for the umpteenth time to make me like it more is just... Ugh, I haven't even been able to consider it for longer than five seconds. I really may have to get myself a beta reader... Or three.

Lacuna Memoria

By far this seems to be sticking with me more than any of my other stories right now. I have worked my way all the way up to chapter eight. Lol I just need to fill in some stuff and revise them.


I totally changed my plans for this upcoming chapter and just need to sit my butt down firmly and finish writing it... Then revise. c.c


*facedesk* All that kills me on this one is the damn wording... I want it better than it is and yet I am insanely blocked on this. Every time I try to write it I slam face first into the mental wall. At some point something random will put a crack in the wall and all my pent up ideas will burst through it and flood the pages.... Just wish it would hurry up.


Revision problem again in spades. Goemon, Leon S. Kennedy, and Zoro have been basically done forever.

Everything Else

Not forgotten. Hopefully the combo of the new computer and diet will help unblock my mental faculties enough for me to update all my fics!

And finally in closing.... HOTNESS!

Jul. 14th, 2013

Cute Loki

I've Been Plagiarized

The stolen version: http://benihime1231.tumblr.com/post/55120697942/here-it-is-the-end-to-the-story-warning-its

Original version: http://www.lunaescence.com/fics/viewstory.php?sid=2255&textsize=0&chapter=2

Tumblr apparently doesn't care about plagiarism unless I have the right to sue over it. Then they would be all too willing to help.

If anyone knows anything that can be done about this, please let me know. And feel free to reblog the thing and tell people she is a thief. If the readers at least know that much, I will feel better.

Jan. 7th, 2013

Cute Loki


Well, the excitement and writing drive were short lived. Just when things are really looking up, my aunt and grandmother have to fuck us over. The truck I was going to use to get to work... yeah, she lied and they are taking that to New Hampshire, Colorado, or whatever place Tina comes up with next. 

And they wouldn't even wait 30 fucking seconds for mom to jump the van off with the truck so we could take it to my grandfather's so he can see what is wrong with the battery. 

I'm pretty sure if she is lying about the truck, the next lie will be either the whole "I'll give you fair warning before I abandon you" or "the money in the bank is for bills and it's not going anywhere. Tina is paying for the trip." 

Then again, it's probably both. 

And if she just leaves us like this, there is no way in hell she is coming back after she gets so fed up with Tina treating her like shit and using all her money that she comes home crying. I'll laugh in her face and tell her to go to hell.

Jan. 5th, 2013

Zaraki happy face

Good News~

I'm finally employed! *dances* 

Work starts on the 10th at 8am. The fact that I got the job makes me feel the old writing drive creeping back. 

Aside from one-shots, I have three main things that I want to get updated first when I can get around to it.

On one of my long walks I came up with how to do the intro, making it more suitable to my tastes. Hopefully I don't trip up on the lemon when I finally get the intro bridged to that. But, I do plan to get it done one way or another... it's been sitting there too long without updates

There has been one point in the chapter that has caused me trouble, and that has kept the chapter from being posted. I'm hoping that now the stress of not having a job is gone, I will be able to get over that hump

I have sooooo many chapters that I have been working on for this. I need to revise Luffy's and Goemon's so that they are ready to be posted, plus Zoro's is super close to being done... Other's that I have put a lot of work into: Enel, Gabriel, Steve Rogers, Goku (Saiyuki), Greg House, Sanzo, Thor, Bruce Banner, Crowley, Cloud, Leon S. Kennedy, Mayuri, Agent 47..

Yeah, I get too many lemon ideas. XD Plus I updated the list of people I will be writing lemons for and got a bunch of books on my ipad to hopefully give me new ideas. I also updated my music playlist to have a bunch of songs that help and I have several others to look into. 

If I get my exercise and cleaning done quickly enough today, I will try and start writing

So, hopefully I get my butt fully into gear soon and start updating. I know my readers are tired of waiting. I'd probably be even better off if my other great stress wasn't causing problems. Hopefully mom gets a job soon too, so my grandmother can just leave if she's going to be rude and pushy. I'm tired of her threats and having to worry about her getting us kicked out of this house or moving people in on top of us. 

She's so damn bipolar it makes my head spin, I swear. 

Aug. 17th, 2012

Cute Loki

Moving out of Florida~ WOOT!

Yeah, it's been awhile since I last posted on here (or in general really). I just have been so drained both emotionally and physically. We're moving out of this horrible state though, so hopefully that will help. Plus I actually have a reason to look forward to my birthday now at least, since we are going out to a Japanese restaurant.

No one knew what to get me either, so I got money for my birthday... which leaves me torn on what to buy. o.o Since we will still have my grandmother around, I am thinking about getting a punching bag. >.> Been wanting one forever... just will have to wait and see if we have anywhere good to put it at the new house. If we don't, then I will just get some other stuff.

What I've Been Working On...
Lots of ideas, not so much writing.

Reader x Magellan - Dunno why, but I just love this guy to pieces. Plus an idea hit me while watching the Impel Down arc and I haven't been able to escape it. So he gets a nice little booklet.

Reader x Arlong - I hate that I like him, I really do. Longish one-shot idea for him, plus a booklet sequel.

Reader x Trafalgar Law - Lots of ideas. Lots and lots and lots... LOVE HIM~!

Reader x Ace - Got a few fun things I want to try for him. Sexy bastard needs love.

Reader x Smoker - Figured out his chapter for Hentai-mart.

Reader x Crocodile - Impel Down made him really hot... And he hasn't left me alone since that hit me. DX So far the main idea for him is a long one-shot IN Impel Down. I like the concept of it and am toying with the idea of a lemon in it.

Reader x Captain Kidd - A few ideas for him... evil bastard wasn't about to let me pass him by on stories. D:

Reader x Basil Hawkins - Only one idea so far for this cool guy, but hopefully that will change later on.

Reader x Bane - I just had the feeling before I went to see the movie, that I would end up falling for him. I do love me some bad guys... I fell haaard though. By the time I got home, he already had several ideas. :3

Reader x Joker - A couple new ideas for my favorite clown and also I have still been trying to work on the next chapter of Deception. I keep changing things on it, ugh!

Reader x Jareth - Long one-shot (85% done) and attempts at working on Syndetos. Keyword being: attempt.

Reader x Avengers + Loki - More ideas for these guys than I really know what to do with. Bruce is the one that I have the easiest time writing for currently, plus he is also my favorite. XD (Him and Loki)

Hopefully my writing drive will get off it's ass one of these days so I can finish SOMETHING. Got a few things in my "Revise to Post" folder too, consiting of:

Reader x Batman
Reader x Joker (3)
Reader x Law
Reader x Mihawk
Reader x Luffy (2)
Reader x Goemon

Hoping to get some of those cleaned out before I move. Usually packing and what not makes me want to write and I will be keeping my fingers crossed.

Jul. 2nd, 2012

Cute Loki

My poor brain...

I give up on trying to hope for anything really. I'm just going back to my normal routine of adapting as shit happens. Simple as that. 

Apparently no one around here can make up their mind on what they want and should do (though my mind has been made up for a long time already) and I am just not dealing with it anymore! DX To hell with the stress, I am just going to do my damnedest not to worry at all. I've had enough worry to fill my agenda for six lifetimes already. 

So~ on to the more positive things on my mind!

Current Song Obsessions:

Bloody Mary ~ Lady GaGa
Turn Me On ~ Nicki Minaj
Pyromania ~ Cascada
10 Minutes ~ Inna
Glow ~ Britt Nicole
Mirotic ~ DBSK
Dance Again ~ J.Lo
I'm Into You ~ J.Lo
Mouth 2 Mouth ~ Enrique Iglesias & J.Lo
Colours ~ Emma Hewitt

I abused Youtube and Pandora a bit lately. >.> Got me a bunch of songs I can't stop listening to. XD And all of them gave me ideas for bishies! Mainly Trafalgar Law though, who is stealing my brain.

Current Work(s) in Progress:

Reader x Enel - His chapter in Hentai-mart just kind of flourished randomly. To the point that it went from a couple of vague sentence ideas into being well over half way done in one sitting. 

Reader x Law - In the short time since I first saw him in the anime, he has gone from no ideas to beating even Luffy in the amount of story ideas in my One Piece folder. He's a very determined pirate... And I can't begrudge him a bit, since he's gotten me to start writing again. :3

Reader x Avengers/Loki - Everything from drabbles to lemons to chapter fics... These sneaky beasts have gotten their hands into everything. I've got sooo many ideas to work with now, it's going to be fun to try and settle on one. 

Reader x Pretty much everyone else in One Piece... - Damn amazing anime drawing me back into its evil sexy clutches! Between it and the Avengers, no one else stands a chance. o.o; Especially against Law! 

Currently in my Revise to Post Folder

Reader x Mayuri {Expressions Update}
Reader x Luffy {Lemon}
Reader x Luffy {Another lemon}
Reader x Goemon {Lemon}
Reader x Law {One-shot}
Reader x Law {Another one-shot}
Reader x Mihawk {Cracky one-shot}
Tony x Reader x Bruce {...mega crack}

Jun. 26th, 2012

Cute Loki

The straw that broke the camel's back.

My grandmother did it again. She moved all her money out of the bank because, even though we've never taken a dime from her, suddenly she can't trust us. How much do you want to bet my aunt is behind this? So now she's claiming that WE have to pay the bills with what little money we have.

I found us some cheap apartments in Gulfport, so the bitch can go straight to hell. If all goes well, we'll be out of here on the 15th. Dunno when you can expect any sort of update now guys, cause we might be without internet for a good while. 

Jun. 7th, 2012

Cute Loki

Gotta love my Grandfather. |3

So, in the midst of all this Hell and madness I turn to my Deda (what I've called my grandfather all my life.. it was actually my first word as a baby) for comfort and naturally he makes me feel so much better. Makes my mom feel so much better too. He's working on finding/getting us a place to live near him so we can get the hell away from this real live psychodrama. 

As soon as he finds something and mom finally gets her 401k check, we can get out of here. Today I had to call him though, because my grandmother was going around waking mom and I up trying to get money from us to go get my cousin.. who can't and won't come over here anyway. She's buying into the bullshit my aunt is telling her about my cousin stealing from her purse and how she wants to kill her.

Meanwhile she told my grandfather that my cousin beat her up and then ran off into the night like some kind of masked villain. *sweatdrop* Thankfully he doesn't believe a word she says.

And talking to him helped my stress levels... so does the fact that it is cool and rainy and mom made me a cappuccino ~~! X3

Yep, they've officially taken over my brain.
I can't tell you how long it's been since I've gotten a non-Avengers idea. o.o

Chapter fics:

70 Characteristics challenge - Wanted to do a booklet for the Avengers.. went through and paired/plotted all of them in a couple of hours. These guys are relentless!

Reader x Loki - Basically an aftermath of the movie kind of fic that is about Loki's punishment from his father. It's pretty fun really.

12 Places Lemons - Inspired by an article I read. All of the hot guys in the avengers are getting two chapters each. ;3

Hentai-mart - Yeah, they all have lemons for it (some of them more than one..) and most are at least a third of the way done. They are really taking over. D:


Reader x Bruce - Seven of them so far, a couple of them lemony. 
Reader x Loki -  He's got two at the moment.
Reader x Tony - He has the most, but then I've watched both Iron Man movies waaaay too many times. He's at about thirty. Give or take a couple, cause some might end up as chapter fics. 
Reader x Steve - He only has one right now that isn't in my booklet or Hentai-mart. D:
Reader x Thor - Two for this one.. he tries to stay right up there with Loki. Though, considering he's in a multi-pairing fic too.. he's kind of winning. 

Thor x Reader x Steve - Might turn lemony~
Tony x Reader x Bruce - Mostly crack and picking on Tony. XD

Once I get a few of these done, along with maybe a lemon and an update to one of my chapter fics, I will take myself off hiatus on Luna. Can't tell you how good it will be to be back. D:

Jun. 1st, 2012

Cute Loki

Life is Hell

Was going to update today, in fact I was writing good earlier, but my psycho aunt started shit again and it's been nothing but screaming and fighting all afternoon. And my grandmother is so stupid that she buys every word out of that lunatic's mouth, even KNOWING and ADMITTING that the bitch is a crazy liar that only cares about money and fucking people over. Those words came out of my grandmother's mouth, but, no... It doesn't matter.

To her my aunt is the only one in the world that matters. Not me and mom who have done everything humanly possible for her aside from wiping her ass. All that matters is my aunt who treats her like shit, uses her, steals from her, lies to her, and abandons her by stealing her truck and leaving her out in the heat with no way home for hours to go shopping with HER money. 

Meanwhile we take care of her while she is sick and injured, clean up after her, put up with her drunken bullshit... and mom sunk every dime she had into getting us into this house and paying the bills. But no, when the old bat gets her retirement check she wants to leave us here, give Tina money, and run off to Mississippi... to more family that HATES her. 

Stupidest person on the planet. 


I don't know when I am going to update now, I really don't. I'm so pissed from hearing the way my aunt talked about my mother and seeing how my grandmother just LET her.. and then hearing her talking shit about mom to my uncle. Then she didn't even give a damn when all of this crap drove mom to take too many pills. She doesn't care that mom may have OD'd and might die.

Oh, but Tina is all afraid that her daughter (not her psycho husband who nearly choked her to death) is poisoning her with antifreeze (which she has never been sick from... how ODD) and she wants a gun to defend herself. AGAINST HER OWN DAUGHTER WHO WORSHIPS HER.

And my grandmother is going to take the fucking gun over there! Tina could talk this moron into jumping into lava!

I just want to be away from her... I'd sell my body if I could at this point, I really would. But, as I can't, all I can do is continue to be rejected for jobs, push my body beyond its limits trying to lose weight, and practically starve myself. I am going to join the Marines if it kills me, and when I am out of bootcamp and sent for my MOS training, I am taking mom with me.

I just want her the hell away from these psychos before I get shipped off. Which I have to get in shape for first.. Two weeks of working out every single day so far. Hopefully it won't take too long. Not sure how much longer we are going to have a house, after all. 

What Little I Got to Work on Today

Expressions - Next chapter of Mayuri's fic. Very nearly got it done before all this drama started up. It's so close to done it makes me sad to think about it. 

Night Terrors - Was working on this some earlier. It's a little over half way and I got some work done filling in some areas I skipped last time I had writing drive. Best to just write what I can, even if it's several scenes ahead. 

Hentai-mart - Worked a little on Goemon's lemon, since it just mainly needs revising and one spot filled in... heh. That could be a sexual pun. :D (my inner pervert saves me from my anger)

The Avengers/Iron Man - Was picking around at some of the many ideas I have, wasn't focused too much on any one thing. Though, I did get the chapters set up for my lemon book for them. XD

So, yeah... As much as I'd wanted to get back to posting today, my aunt and grandmother once again screwed me over. Hopefully we can get away from them soon... I have no doubt that my writing drive will come back in spades then. Until then, sorry, but I'm not sure when I will be able to update for you guys. </3

May. 29th, 2012

Cute Loki

Uptight old bastards live here.

So I take at least one walk a day every day, right? Well, yesterday I decided to see how far I could go. To test my increasing stamina and endurance and what not. Plus it was a REALLY nice blustery cloudy morning. Well, I got stopped once along the way by a guy that works here. He warned that it was okay for me to walk along the paved paths through the golf courses so long as no one was using them at the time. 

I told him I'd been steering clear of golfers already and thanked him for the warning. 

Well after walking pretty much every course and taking aaaall the long round about ways (I walk fast and it took me over an hour, so it was a good distance, that's for sure), I make it to the course behind my house, which I walk across to get to the intersection near my street instead of cutting across the green to my house. At this point some guy that just lives here, not works but lives, decides to come off the main road and flag me down. He tells me that I'm not allowed to be on the paths at all, even when no one is playing. I told him that a guy that works here said otherwise and he gave me this condescending smile and said: "No. This is golfer property." 

I was soooo close to biting his head off and telling him to mind his own fucking business. The whole "not walking on the golf course" thing is for insurance purposes, which is ONLY an issue if someone is golfing. And I don't go anywhere near the golfers, cause for all I know they may have bad aim. DX

So that old bastard can bite me, I'll just walk the courses at night. After all, last time I checked, no one golfs in the dark. DX

On to the ficies!
The list (*** means I have that chapter planned already ***)(means done)

 *** { Reader x Frau } *** 
 *** { Reader x Castor } *** 
{ Reader x Bastien }
{ Reader x Teito }
{ Reader x Labrador }
{ Reader x Mikage }
 *** { Reader x Ayanami } *** 
{ Reader x Hakuren }

Assassin's Creed:
{ Reader x Altair }
 *** { Reader x Ezio } *** 
{ Reader x Leonardo }

Axis Powers Hetalia:
{ Reader x America }
{ Reader x Japan }
 *** { Reader x England } *** 
 *** { Reader x France } *** 
{ Reader x China }
{ Reader x Russia }
 *** { Reader x Germany } *** 
 *** { Reader x N. Italy } *** 
{ Reader x Austria }
 *** { Reader x Spain } *** 
{ Reader x S. Italy }
{ Reader x Prussia }
{ Reader x Lithuania }
{ Reader x Poland }
{ Reader x Estonia }
{ Reader x Switzerland }
{ Reader x Finland }
{ Reader x Sweden }
{ Reader x Iceland }
{ Reader x Greece }
{ Reader x Turkey }
{ Reader x Canada }
{ Reader x Egypt }
{ Reader x Cuba }
{ Reader x South Korea }
{ Reader x Hongkong }
{ Reader x Germania }
{ Reader x Rome }

Avatar: The Last Airbender
{ Reader x Zuko }
{ Reader x Sokka }
{ Reader x Aang }

 *** { Reader x Zaraki } *** 
 *** { Reader x Mayuri } *** 
 *** { Reader x Shinji } *** 
 *** { Reader x Kisuke } *** 
{ Reader x Hichigo }
{ Reader x Nnoitra }

 *** { Reader x Seeley Booth } *** 
 *** { Reader x Jack Hodgins } *** 
{ Reader x Tim Sullivan }
 *** { Reader x Arastoo Vaziri } *** 
{ Reader x Jared Booth }

{ Reader x Joachim }
{ Reader x Alucard }
{ Reader x Mathias }
{ Reader x Leon }
{ Reader x Walter }
{ Reader x Hector }

Criminal Minds:
{ Reader x Aaron Hotchner }
 *** { Reader x Spencer Reid } *** 
{ Reader x Derek Morgan }

Death Note:
 *** { Reader x L } *** 
 *** { Reader x Mello } *** 
 *** { Reader x Near } *** 
{ Reader x Matt }

Devil May Cry:
 *** { Reader x Dante } *** 
{ Reader x Vergil }
 *** { Reader x Nero } *** 

Dragon Ball Z:
{ Reader x Vegeta }
 *** { Reader x Trunks } *** 
{ Reader x Shin }
{ Reader x Tien Shinhan}

Fairy Tail:
 *** { Reader x Natsu Dragoneel } *** 
 *** { Reader x Gray Fullbuster } *** 
{ Reader x Gazille Redfox }
{ Reader x Mistgun }
{ Reader x Luxus Dreyar }
{ Reader x Loki }
{ Reader x Gerard }

Final Fantasy VII~XIII:
 *** { Reader x Cloud Strife } *** 
 *** { Reader x Vincent Valentine } *** 
 *** { Reader x Cid Highwind } *** 
 *** { Reader x Sephiroth } *** 
 *** { Reader x Reno } *** 
 *** { Reader x Rufus Shinra } *** 
{ Reader x Reeve Tuesti }
{ Reader x Tseng }
{ Reader x Zack }
{ Reader x Kadaj }
{ Reader x Loz }
{ Reader x Yazoo }
{ Reader x Angeal Hewley }
{ Reader x Genesis }
{ Reader x Nero}
{ Reader x Weiss }
 *** { Reader x Seifer Almasy } *** 
{ Reader x Squall Leonhart }
{ Reader x Irvine Kinneas }
{ Reader x Laguna Loire }
{ Reader x Auron }
{ Reader x Seymour }
{ Reader x Gippal }
{ Reader x Baralai }
{ Reader x Nooj }
 *** { Reader x Prince Trion } *** 
{ Reader x Aldo }
{ Reader x Kam'lanuat }
 *** { Reader x Balthier } *** 
{ Reader x Basch fon Ronsenburg }
 *** { Reader x Vayne Solidor } *** 
{ Reader x Vaan }
{ Reader x Al-Cid Margrace }
 *** { Reader x Snow } *** 
{ Reader x Caius }
{ Reader x Cid Raines }

Full Metal Alchemist:
 *** { Reader x Roy Mustang } *** 
 *** { Reader x Edward Elric } *** 
{ Reader x Envy }
{ Reader x Greed }
{ Reader x Russel }
{ Reader x Kimblee }

Gundam Wing:
 *** { Reader x Chang Wufei } *** 
{ Reader x Heero Yuy }
{ Reader x Duo Maxwell }
{ Reader x Trowa Barton }
{ Reader x Quatre Winner }
{ Reader x Zechs Marquis }
{ Reader x Trieze Kushrenada }

{ Reader x Inuyasha }
{ Reader x Kouga }
{ Reader x Naraku }
 *** { Reader x Miroku } *** 
 *** { Reader x Sesshomaru } *** 
{ Reader x Bankutsuo }
{ Reader x Inutaisho }

Katekyo Hitman Reborn:
 *** { Reader x Dino Cavallone } *** 
 *** { Reader x Sawada Tsunayoshi } *** 
 *** { Reader x Yamamoto Takeshi } *** 
 *** { Reader x Gokudera Hayato } *** 
 *** { Reader x Reborn } *** 
 *** { Reader x Xanxus } ***
 *** { Reader x Belphegor } *** 
 *** { Reader x Superbi Squalo } *** 
 *** { Reader x Colonello } ***  
 *** { Reader x Rokudo Mukuro } *** 
 *** { Reader x Hibari Kyoya } *** 
{ Reader x Ken }
{ Reader x Chikusa }
{ Reader x Basil }
 *** { Reader x Sasagawa Ryohei } *** 
 *** { Reader x Doctor Shamal } *** 
{ Reader x Lambo }
{ Reader x Futa }
 *** { Reader x Lanchia } *** 
 *** { Reader x Lussuria } *** 
{ Reader x Irie Shouichi }
{ Reader x Rasiel }
{ Reader x Spanner }
{ Reader x Fran }
{ Reader x Giotto }
 *** { Reader x Mammon } *** 
{ Reader x Byakuran }
 *** { Reader x Gamma } *** 
{ Reader x Fon }
{ Reader x Kawahira }
{ Reader x Verde }
{ Reader x Skull }
{ Reader x G }
{ Reader x Daemon Spade }
{ Reader x Kikyo }
{ Reader x Alaude }
{ Reader x Asari Ugetsu }
{ Reader x Lampo }

Lupin the 3rd:
 *** { Reader x Lupin } *** 
 *** { Reader x Jigen } *** 
 *** { Reader x Goemon } *** 

 *** { Reader x Thor } *** 
 *** { Reader x Bruce Banner } *** 
 *** { Reader x Captain America } *** 
 *** { Reader x Hawkeye } *** 
 *** { Reader x Tony Stark } *** 
 *** { Reader x Loki } *** 
{ Reader x Ivan Vanko }
 *** { Reader x Logan } *** 

 *** { Reader x Jack Sparrow } *** 
 *** { Reader x Jareth } *** 
{ Reader x Joker }
 *** { Reader x Howl } *** 
 *** { Reader x Alucard } *** 
 *** { Reader x Vampire Hunter D } *** 
{ Reader x Count D }
 *** { Reader x Rikimaru } *** 
{ Reader x Shigi }
{ Reader x Pip }
{ Reader x Jin }
 *** { Reader x Mugen } *** 
 *** { Reader x Leonard McCoy } *** 
{ Reader x James T. Kirk }
{ Reader x Garrett }
{ Reader x Snake Eyes }
{ Reader x Storm Shadow }
 *** { Reader x Jak } *** 
{ Reader x Johnny Storm }
{ Reader x 47 }
{ Reader x Spike }
{ Reader x Vicious }
{ Reader x Torn }
{ Reader x Qui-Gon Jinn }
{ Reader x Obi-Wan Kinobi }

 *** { Reader x Jiraiya } *** 
 *** { Reader x Hatake Kakashi } *** 
 *** { Reader x Minato Namikaze } *** 
 *** { Reader x Uzumaki Naruto } ***  
 *** { Reader x Nara Shikamaru } ***  
 *** { Reader x Aburame Shino } *** 
 *** { Reader x Inuzuka Kiba } *** 
 *** { Reader x Gaara } *** 
 *** { Reader x Deidara } *** 
 *** { Reader x Hidan } *** 
{ Reader x Uchiha Itachi }
 *** { Reader x Uchiha Sasuke } *** 
 *** { Reader x Uchiha Madara }  *** 
{ Reader x Kimimaru }
{ Reader x Orochimaru }
{ Reader x Sai }
 *** { Reader x Rock Lee } *** 
 *** { Reader x Hyuga Neji } *** 
{ Reader x Senju Tobirama}
{ Reader x Yamato }
 *** { Reader x Suigetsu } *** 
{ Reader x Pein }
{ Reader x Kisame }
 *** { Reader x Kakuzu } *** 
{ Reader x Zetsu }
{ Reader x Gai }
{ Reader x Chouji }

One Piece:
 *** { Reader x Monkey D. Luffy }  *** 
 *** { Reader x Shanks }  *** 
 *** { Reader x Juraquille Mihawk }  *** 
 *** { Reader x Roronoa Zoro } ***  
 *** { Reader x Sanji } *** 
 *** { Reader x Rob Lucci } ***  
 *** { Reader x Paulie } ***  
 *** { Reader x Portgas D. Ace } *** 
 *** { Reader x Wiper } ***  
 *** { Reader x Donquixote Doflamingo } *** 
{ Reader x Jyabura }
 *** { Reader x Enel } *** 
 *** { Reader x Kuro } *** 
{ Reader x Pell }
{ Reader x Benn }
{ Reader x Smoker }

Ouran Highschool Host Club:
{ Reader x Morinozuka Takashi }
 *** { Reader x Suoh Tamaki } *** 
{ Reader x Ootori Kyoya }
{ Reader x Hitachiin Hikaru }
{ Reader x Hitachiin Kaoru }

Resident Evil:
 *** { Reader x Leon S. Kennedy } *** 
 *** { Reader x Chris Redfield } *** 
{ Reader x Luis }
 *** { Reader x Wesker } *** 

Rurouni Kenshin:
{ Reader x Aoshi Shinamori }
{ Reader x Sanosuke Sagara }
{ Reader x Kenshin }
{ Reader x Captain Sagara }
{ Reader x Soujiro }
{ Reader x Saitō Hajime }

 *** { Reader x Genjo Sanzo } *** 
 *** { Reader x Cho Hakkai } *** 
 *** { Reader x Son Goku } *** 
 *** { Reader x Sha Gojyo } *** 
 *** { Reader x Kougaiji } *** 
{ Reader x Nii Jyani }
{ Reader x Koumyou }
{ Reader x Hazel }
{ Reader x Homura }
{ Reader x Konzen }
{ Reader x Kenren }
{ Reader x Tenpou }
{ Reader x Goujun }
{ Reader x Nataku }

 *** { Reader x Landis } *** 
{ Reader x Sid }
{ Reader x Jowy }
{ Reader x Hugo }
{ Reader x Shu }

 *** { Reader x Dean } *** 
 *** { Reader x Sam } *** 
 *** { Reader x Castiel } *** 
 *** { Reader x Crowley } *** 
 *** { Reader x Balthazar } *** 
 *** { Reader x Lucifer } *** 
 *** { Reader x Gabriel } *** 

The Mentalist:
 *** { Reader x Patrick Jane } *** 
{ Reader x Kimbal Cho }
{ Reader x Wayne Rigsby }

{ Reader x Vash }
{ Reader x Knives }
{ Reader x Wolfwood }
{ Reader x Legato }

 *** { Reader x Edward } *** 
 *** { Reader x Jacob } *** 
 *** { Reader x Embry } *** 
{ Reader x Seth }
 *** { Reader x Nahuel } *** 

 *** { Reader x Seto } *** 
{ Reader x Yami }
 *** { Reader x Bakura } *** 
{ Reader x Marik }

Yu Yu Hakusho:
 *** { Reader x Yomi } *** 
{ Reader x Hiei }
 *** { Reader x Kurama } *** 
 *** { Reader x Yusuke Urameshi } *** 
 *** { Reader x Koenma } *** 
{ Reader x Hagiri Kaname }
 *** { Reader x Jin } *** 
{ Reader x Touya }
 *** { Reader x Shishiwakamaru } *** 
{ Reader x Sensui }
{ Reader x Itsuki }
{ Reader x Raizen }
{ Reader x Suzaku }
{ Reader x Rando }
{ Reader x Karasu }
{ Reader x Kuronue }
{ Reader x Minoru Kamiya }
{ Reader x Yakumo }
 *** { Reader x Chu } *** 
{ Reader x Kuwabara }

Zombie Loan:
 *** { Reader x Akatsuki Chika } *** 
 *** { Reader x Tachibana Shito } *** 
{ Reader x Bekko }
{ Reader x Otsu }
{ Reader x Shiba }
{ Reader x Zarame }
{ Reader x Sotetsu }
{ Reader x Hakka }
{ Reader x Lyca }

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