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Cute Loki

Life is Hell

Was going to update today, in fact I was writing good earlier, but my psycho aunt started shit again and it's been nothing but screaming and fighting all afternoon. And my grandmother is so stupid that she buys every word out of that lunatic's mouth, even KNOWING and ADMITTING that the bitch is a crazy liar that only cares about money and fucking people over. Those words came out of my grandmother's mouth, but, no... It doesn't matter.

To her my aunt is the only one in the world that matters. Not me and mom who have done everything humanly possible for her aside from wiping her ass. All that matters is my aunt who treats her like shit, uses her, steals from her, lies to her, and abandons her by stealing her truck and leaving her out in the heat with no way home for hours to go shopping with HER money. 

Meanwhile we take care of her while she is sick and injured, clean up after her, put up with her drunken bullshit... and mom sunk every dime she had into getting us into this house and paying the bills. But no, when the old bat gets her retirement check she wants to leave us here, give Tina money, and run off to Mississippi... to more family that HATES her. 

Stupidest person on the planet. 


I don't know when I am going to update now, I really don't. I'm so pissed from hearing the way my aunt talked about my mother and seeing how my grandmother just LET her.. and then hearing her talking shit about mom to my uncle. Then she didn't even give a damn when all of this crap drove mom to take too many pills. She doesn't care that mom may have OD'd and might die.

Oh, but Tina is all afraid that her daughter (not her psycho husband who nearly choked her to death) is poisoning her with antifreeze (which she has never been sick from... how ODD) and she wants a gun to defend herself. AGAINST HER OWN DAUGHTER WHO WORSHIPS HER.

And my grandmother is going to take the fucking gun over there! Tina could talk this moron into jumping into lava!

I just want to be away from her... I'd sell my body if I could at this point, I really would. But, as I can't, all I can do is continue to be rejected for jobs, push my body beyond its limits trying to lose weight, and practically starve myself. I am going to join the Marines if it kills me, and when I am out of bootcamp and sent for my MOS training, I am taking mom with me.

I just want her the hell away from these psychos before I get shipped off. Which I have to get in shape for first.. Two weeks of working out every single day so far. Hopefully it won't take too long. Not sure how much longer we are going to have a house, after all. 

What Little I Got to Work on Today

Expressions - Next chapter of Mayuri's fic. Very nearly got it done before all this drama started up. It's so close to done it makes me sad to think about it. 

Night Terrors - Was working on this some earlier. It's a little over half way and I got some work done filling in some areas I skipped last time I had writing drive. Best to just write what I can, even if it's several scenes ahead. 

Hentai-mart - Worked a little on Goemon's lemon, since it just mainly needs revising and one spot filled in... heh. That could be a sexual pun. :D (my inner pervert saves me from my anger)

The Avengers/Iron Man - Was picking around at some of the many ideas I have, wasn't focused too much on any one thing. Though, I did get the chapters set up for my lemon book for them. XD

So, yeah... As much as I'd wanted to get back to posting today, my aunt and grandmother once again screwed me over. Hopefully we can get away from them soon... I have no doubt that my writing drive will come back in spades then. Until then, sorry, but I'm not sure when I will be able to update for you guys. </3


You don't really have to apologize for not posting anything, you're going through a lot.

I really would like to ask your grandmother why she doesn't realize the suffering she's causing you and your mother, her behavior left me totally dumbfounded!
As for your aunt... She's a horrible person.

I so would like to be able to do something for you.. But for now I just can wish you to find a solution soon.
Thank you for the support, it really means a lot to me. Currently, my grandfather is working on getting us away from both of them. He hasn't liked us being in this situation, but up until now my mom has always caved in and stayed because my grandmother guilted her.

However, this time she got to hear what my grandmother really thinks of her (lying and talking down about her to the rest of our family), so she won't be changing her mind.

We just don't know how long it will take for him to find something for us... and if my grandmother is going to take her check and leave us here with no way to pay the bills or not. >< She claims she isn't, but why else is she refusing to put the money in the bank and going over to my aunt's with the check?

If only I had gotten the drive to join the military last year, I'd already have my mother and myself away from all of this madness.

Eventually we'll be away from them though and life will be much better for it.