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Cute Loki

Gotta love my Grandfather. |3

So, in the midst of all this Hell and madness I turn to my Deda (what I've called my grandfather all my life.. it was actually my first word as a baby) for comfort and naturally he makes me feel so much better. Makes my mom feel so much better too. He's working on finding/getting us a place to live near him so we can get the hell away from this real live psychodrama. 

As soon as he finds something and mom finally gets her 401k check, we can get out of here. Today I had to call him though, because my grandmother was going around waking mom and I up trying to get money from us to go get my cousin.. who can't and won't come over here anyway. She's buying into the bullshit my aunt is telling her about my cousin stealing from her purse and how she wants to kill her.

Meanwhile she told my grandfather that my cousin beat her up and then ran off into the night like some kind of masked villain. *sweatdrop* Thankfully he doesn't believe a word she says.

And talking to him helped my stress levels... so does the fact that it is cool and rainy and mom made me a cappuccino ~~! X3

Yep, they've officially taken over my brain.
I can't tell you how long it's been since I've gotten a non-Avengers idea. o.o

Chapter fics:

70 Characteristics challenge - Wanted to do a booklet for the Avengers.. went through and paired/plotted all of them in a couple of hours. These guys are relentless!

Reader x Loki - Basically an aftermath of the movie kind of fic that is about Loki's punishment from his father. It's pretty fun really.

12 Places Lemons - Inspired by an article I read. All of the hot guys in the avengers are getting two chapters each. ;3

Hentai-mart - Yeah, they all have lemons for it (some of them more than one..) and most are at least a third of the way done. They are really taking over. D:


Reader x Bruce - Seven of them so far, a couple of them lemony. 
Reader x Loki -  He's got two at the moment.
Reader x Tony - He has the most, but then I've watched both Iron Man movies waaaay too many times. He's at about thirty. Give or take a couple, cause some might end up as chapter fics. 
Reader x Steve - He only has one right now that isn't in my booklet or Hentai-mart. D:
Reader x Thor - Two for this one.. he tries to stay right up there with Loki. Though, considering he's in a multi-pairing fic too.. he's kind of winning. 

Thor x Reader x Steve - Might turn lemony~
Tony x Reader x Bruce - Mostly crack and picking on Tony. XD

Once I get a few of these done, along with maybe a lemon and an update to one of my chapter fics, I will take myself off hiatus on Luna. Can't tell you how good it will be to be back. D:


Omg, omg, omg, that's so much stuff I'm dying to read!
Really, the Avengers took over the whole fanfiction world, not that I mind, of course. :)
Loki <3

And I'm happy to hear your grandfather is helping you and your mom. He sounds like a wonderful man.
That it did! XD And I love it~~~ Even my mom adores that movie!

And my Deda is the best! :3
I can't really wait for it to come out on DVD, so that I can watch it whenever I want. :)

And your new userpic is fantastic! He's so handsome..
Me too *^* Right now I am having to get by watching a cam recording of it since it's too costly to go see it in the theaters over and over and over.. >.>

Isn't he~? Gah! Watching Thor just made me love Loki even more! :3