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Cute Loki

Moving out of Florida~ WOOT!

Yeah, it's been awhile since I last posted on here (or in general really). I just have been so drained both emotionally and physically. We're moving out of this horrible state though, so hopefully that will help. Plus I actually have a reason to look forward to my birthday now at least, since we are going out to a Japanese restaurant.

No one knew what to get me either, so I got money for my birthday... which leaves me torn on what to buy. o.o Since we will still have my grandmother around, I am thinking about getting a punching bag. >.> Been wanting one forever... just will have to wait and see if we have anywhere good to put it at the new house. If we don't, then I will just get some other stuff.

What I've Been Working On...
Lots of ideas, not so much writing.

Reader x Magellan - Dunno why, but I just love this guy to pieces. Plus an idea hit me while watching the Impel Down arc and I haven't been able to escape it. So he gets a nice little booklet.

Reader x Arlong - I hate that I like him, I really do. Longish one-shot idea for him, plus a booklet sequel.

Reader x Trafalgar Law - Lots of ideas. Lots and lots and lots... LOVE HIM~!

Reader x Ace - Got a few fun things I want to try for him. Sexy bastard needs love.

Reader x Smoker - Figured out his chapter for Hentai-mart.

Reader x Crocodile - Impel Down made him really hot... And he hasn't left me alone since that hit me. DX So far the main idea for him is a long one-shot IN Impel Down. I like the concept of it and am toying with the idea of a lemon in it.

Reader x Captain Kidd - A few ideas for him... evil bastard wasn't about to let me pass him by on stories. D:

Reader x Basil Hawkins - Only one idea so far for this cool guy, but hopefully that will change later on.

Reader x Bane - I just had the feeling before I went to see the movie, that I would end up falling for him. I do love me some bad guys... I fell haaard though. By the time I got home, he already had several ideas. :3

Reader x Joker - A couple new ideas for my favorite clown and also I have still been trying to work on the next chapter of Deception. I keep changing things on it, ugh!

Reader x Jareth - Long one-shot (85% done) and attempts at working on Syndetos. Keyword being: attempt.

Reader x Avengers + Loki - More ideas for these guys than I really know what to do with. Bruce is the one that I have the easiest time writing for currently, plus he is also my favorite. XD (Him and Loki)

Hopefully my writing drive will get off it's ass one of these days so I can finish SOMETHING. Got a few things in my "Revise to Post" folder too, consiting of:

Reader x Batman
Reader x Joker (3)
Reader x Law
Reader x Mihawk
Reader x Luffy (2)
Reader x Goemon

Hoping to get some of those cleaned out before I move. Usually packing and what not makes me want to write and I will be keeping my fingers crossed.


Happy birthday!
Thank you~~ :DD