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Cute Loki

I've Been Plagiarized

The stolen version: http://benihime1231.tumblr.com/post/55120697942/here-it-is-the-end-to-the-story-warning-its

Original version: http://www.lunaescence.com/fics/viewstory.php?sid=2255&textsize=0&chapter=2

Tumblr apparently doesn't care about plagiarism unless I have the right to sue over it. Then they would be all too willing to help.

If anyone knows anything that can be done about this, please let me know. And feel free to reblog the thing and tell people she is a thief. If the readers at least know that much, I will feel better.



So I know this got posted ages ago and you may not see this but just a heads up the page has finally been taken down, as has the entire blog. Well, I can't access it anyway.

Justice finally done? I can't be sure.

Re: .

It emails me when people leave comments so that way I don't miss anything. :D I was told not too long ago that it was brought down~ it makes me happy! The anti-plagiarism group I contacted is amazing. X3

Re: .

Well I'm really glad it's been sorted!

Oh, and it's the 19th here, so Happy Birthday! ~ (And good luck with the new semester ~)